vrijdag 27 september 2013

The Walking Dead (VITA) - the 16th Platinum

Once again I managed to come to equal platinum level with Andy, but boy is he forcing me to keep my game up these days, after I've been cutting slack for the past months.

Like I said earlier, I'm going to flare up once again during october, but after that it is game and competition over for me, if he manages to snatch victory away still then, he will deserve it rightly so.  He will probably be winning this months round as well, though the points difference doesn't seem to turn out THAT immense, yet still I'll have to keep being on my toes just to not get a smashing in the last three months.

He has the benefit I had before school, namely be home a lot.

Now about this platinum, i can be rather short.  It is the exact same game + DLC from the PS3, ported to my beloved handheld, BUT it has one major benefit, and one major drawback.

The good thing is, due to the touchscreen and smaller screen, you can input commands in the 'hectic' scenes a lot faster, like when having to search and grab for a weapon.

The drawback is that it stutters more then the PS version, but now that I finished this, and the second season should appear, I can tackle it on the VITA and the GF can handle the PS3 version, seeing how it will turn out with our vastly different decision making styles.

It was a good experience, and now it's time to count the days till the second season arrives...

The monthly challenge report will be up one of these days as well, I'm just waiting for the PSNProfiles site to finish maintenance ("somewhere during the weekend... hopefully") and then I can make the tally for the month.

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