zondag 8 september 2013

Sunday Ramblings/: The Geek Life episode 13

Every geek knows that feeling of exstasy when he gets 'that particular item' for his intrests.  Past friday, the whole country here went into that delirium, as our national soccer team made sure they are going to Brazil!!!

Okay, so purely mathematical speaking, it is still possible to throw it all away, but it is highly doubtfull as we have to play number 2 in our poule, Croatia, the 11th of october, and we have a 4 point lead, while four days later we end the campaign against Gareth Bale and 'some 10 other guys', aka Wales.

Unfortunatly, that sporting delirium didn't get a high finish today, as Alonso could in no way threaten Vettel for the win in the Italian Grand Prix.  Heck, I even though Massa did a better showing...

Luckily, italians always stay italians, even if they are part of Il Cavalino Rampante

What Have I Been Collecting?

Past monday, my nice and sweet 5 booster boxes of the newest Saint Seiya Omega expansion, New Cloth Chapter, arrived on my doorstep.  And with 15 boosters unopened (the equivalent of a full box, each time numbering 15 boosters of 10 cards), I had the full 67 card set including the ultrarare Microcosm card, Pallas, and the three Buy a Box promos.

For those intrested, I have a lot of doubles at the moment, so drop me a line if your looking for specific cards and I'll rummage through my collection to see if I can help out.

What Have I Been Reading?

Episode G volume 8 after having missed it last time by mistake.  In this volume, it is Saga, the Gemini Saint, who takes on no less then the essence of Chronos himself, and nearly brings the god down before his evil side takes over again.  The job is then finished by Aiolia, but only with the intervention of Athena, causing anger in Chronos as he believed that his 'lackey' Saga had her assassinated succesfully.

Another book I received, but not really for reading, is this collector book for the first series of Gundam Nex-A by Cardass.  They are basically rebooting the Gundam card game (kind of a second edition) and at least compared to earlier, they have a slightly clearer sorting system this time.  Albeit only slightly...

Well, that is it for another short week from me, tomorrow it's back to school and I have a busy two weeks for the door.  Heck, I even haven't scored, nor gamed, for a trophy the past 5 days, so go for it Andy, because this ain't lasting... I don't keep going to parties all the time (okay, so in september, it seems I will) nor dress up in a miniskirt and hop around singing lalalala through my living room for the fun of it...

Okay, just kidding on that last one... or not? *enter creepy music*

Ciao ciao

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