dinsdag 17 september 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Taurus Aldebaran

As if a divine power has it`s hand in it, but merely days after I posted how difficult he is to find, i scored one on eBay, in Belgium (so cheaper shipping), for merely 50 euros.  And to top it off, 13 of the white socles as well for 15 euros from the same seller, so that could all be nicely combined into a single parcel.

Aldebaran is one of the `good guys` in the Sanctuary arc.  He suspects there is something fishy going on, and will let the bronze saints pass.  Though to prove it, they have to be able to hit him.

Not only is he the pure physically strongest of the Gold Saints, his Great Horn is also one of the fastest attacks amongst them, making a fearsome combination.

In the end, the bronzes do manage to get past him... and then his storyline changes drastically.  In the original manga, he is attacked by Sorento the Siren who wanted to assassinate the bronze saints still in hospital.

Even though he punctured his eardrums, the music of the Siren`s magical flute goes straight to the cerebral cortex, but he still managed to fight the Marina General to a standoff before Athena intervened.  In the manga, the puncturing of his eardrums leads to him being killed in the Hades arc, as he couldn`t hear his opponent sneak up from behind, even though in dead he still had shattered the body of his assailant.

In the anime, he faces the God Warrior Syd, who seems to quickly strike him down.  However, during the storyline it is revealed he was actually struck down from behind by Syd`s secret twin, Bud, and that the God Warrior would never had the power to defeat him face on.

He dies the same way as he does in the manga, but no mention is made of the eardrums.  He was suprised from behind, and still killed his opponent as well.

The model, one of the older line of Gold saints, is a nice representation of the gentle giant.  First off, it`s heavy, being almost full diecast bar the helmet and the parts that connect his girdle armour.  He also stands well above a head taller then the other Gold saints (though nowhere as near in size as the God warrior Thor of Pecda), as he is the same size as Geki the Bear (who used the Taurus body when he was released in turn).

It`s definitly one of the better executed Gold Saints, and I am all happy happy joy joy about this model, one down, one to go for a complete gold full set...

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