dinsdag 10 september 2013

Narrowing Focus

Yey, we finally dit it.  Me and the GF have found a `collective hobby` we can both enjoy.

Of course, this does have some serious consequences as well, as this means more spend time together and less `moi only` time for hobbies, so a more focussed approach might be need for.

Okay, so that was a lame excuse.  Truth of the matter is, my various collections are swinging through the roof, so it is about time to fine-tune them all even more and really go down to the core business of one dedicated hobby and no side tracking.

So I look around my man-cave, and which factor dominates over all of the following

* Gundam: few maps of cards, a heap of incomplete manga series, a dozen or so unfinished scale models, some statuettes and my Lunamaria collection, and a bazoozle of painted and not repainted Gashapon models.

* Magic: My deck.  Some boxes full of never to play cards

* Mecha: clixes, toy kits, gashapons, nearly impossible to find incomplete card sets

* Other stuff: boxes and mountains and pillars of none intresting, lost intrest, on hold, and never finished projects...

No, they all fade away compared to my Saint Seiya collection of 75+ Myth Cloths, a heap of the original toys from a decade or two ago, the full dvd series, and almost each and every catalog, manga and card of the game systems that have appeared.  And that is not including the 100s of dollars worth of limited editions exclusivities like my bookholders, scenic bases and such...

Easy choice huh...

So now that we finally we`re staring at the bottom of the gravity well in terms of clearing out useless stuff... I`m about to throw an extra few dozen tons of stuff on top of it.

No, this isn`t some impulsive decision, both me and the GF have needed about a year to `adapt` to each other, find something we both like and enjoy, getting used to quasi living together, and there is the bog step of course on a financial level as well.  Families eat more out of the budget then singles after all...

So taking in account these factors:

* Space - collections tend to easily take up a whole room

* Money - let`s not go there, but I`ve spend a crazy amount over the years on my stuffs.  Time to `grow up` (a little bit) and drastically cut down on this, focussing the budget towards one goal only instead of all over the place

* Time - with relationships come responsibilities, and I just can`t bugger off anytime to God knows where just because, well, I could.

Now it`s time to start making an inventory, move about whole boxes, pack stuff up, and start clearing out some more.  And never watch the show `Collection Intervention` on SyFy EVER again, that was a real eye-opener for myself...

Nor will I ever make a list for myself out of curiosity just how much I`ve spend on my collections the past year...

Yes, I will be playing Magic still for example, but just locally, and not blow out heaps of cash on booster boxes and all.  I`ve found that english promo cards for one are easily tradeable for missing japanese `normal` cards for my collection, so at the moment I`m trading around on Trading Cards Online to liquidate my normal cards for promos, which in return I`m exchanging for saint Seiya cards for one.

Yes, LEGO is excluded from the above list, as this is the communal hobby I`m having with the Munchkin.

Yes, it is true I barely am scoring trophies at the moment on the PS, as I`ve been doing other stuff with the GF the past days, investing and researching in our new hobby.

No, you`re not quite rid of me just yet hehehehe....

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