donderdag 19 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: # 7 Scylla Io

Already the second of the Marina Generals from the Poseidon arc in this countdown, and we are only 4 electees far.  Quite an oddity actually, since I don't really like the Poseidon arc of the epos all things considered.

I'm not saying it is bad, far from it (THAT sort of rant will come tomorrow, stay tuned!), but, well, I like the Gold Saints arc and the Asgard arc far better.

But they did have some nice scales (as Poseidon's clothes are called) in it.

One of those is Io, the Marina General of the South Pacific Pillar and wearer of the Scylla scale.  In mythology, Scylla was a nymph turned monster by the sorceress Circe.  Scylla killed 6 of the Argonauts in the tale of Jason, and the cloth represents her monstrosity by being able to unleash several attacks based on various animals.

Io was confronted by pacifist Shun of Andromeda, who tried to solve the situation with words and going on the defensive as he usually does.  However, Io is a fiercely loyal follower of Poseidon, and wouldn't hesitate to defeat any intruder possessing a threat to his Lord.

He almost killed Shun with all his attacks, but when he wanted to finish him off, he was amazed that Shun had adapted, and his Nebula chains formed a defensive to counter each of the vastly different attacks Io possessed, tearing out chunks of his cloth as it went on.  He unleashed his ultimate attack on Shun, but when he tried to break free of the chains, they had turned to gold by the revitalizing of the cloth with the golden saints blood.

Io was unable to break free, and Shun promised him he would set him free once the pillar was toppled, but when Kiki arrived with the Libra cloth, Io did the unthinkable.  In desperation and out loyalty to his Lord, he sacrificed himself by throwing himself in the path of the attack, taking on the full force with his battered scales but to no avail, as the General fell together with his pillar he honorably tried to defend right till the end.  In his dying words, he warned Shun that one day his mercy would become his undoing...

Io of Scylla has been released as a Myth cloth, but unfortunatly I don't have him in my collection, and he is becomming harder and more expensive to find as times o by, topping the ranks at the moment of most expensive Marina General out there at around 120 euros.

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