maandag 16 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: #10 Alberich, the Amethyst Goblin

Okay, so I love the Asgard arc, which was an anime only to give the drawers of the manga time to finish the Poseidon arc.  This resulted in some changes in the storyline (like the introduction of the Nibelungen ring, causing Asgard to declare war on the Sanctuary so that Poseidon could gauge the strengths of Athena right after the Golden Saints arc), but for me resulted in a series with some of the prettiest designs in cloths.  

And as a result, one or two where bound to pop up in this countdown.

One of them is Alberich of Megrez, who wears the Delta Robe, Amethyst Goblin.  Being of noble birth like the other God Warriors, Alberich wasn't the most physical of them, but he was considered the 'emminense grise' of Asgard.

He also had a secret that set him aside from the other God Warriors.  He was not a loyal warrior fighting to protect his country and homesoil, but harbored plans to dominate the whole land.  He was present when Poseidon forced the Nibelungen Ring unto Hilda, Queen of Asgard, and his only goal in the war was to collect the seven sapphires for himself.  This would allow him to claim Odin's Robe adn use Balmung to break the power of the ring and for him to take the sceptre of reign.

Realising he couldn't fight the Saints, as many of his comrades had already fallen to them including the formidable warrior Hagen and the giant Thor, he instead opted to lure the saints into a trap.  He managed to lure and trap Seiya, Marin and Hyoga in coffins of Amethyst, forcing them to hand over the sapphires they already collected, before facing Shiryu.

Realising his coffin technique couldn't circumvent the Dragon Saints shield, he turned to unleashing his strongest attack, the power to command nature itself!  However, he was defeated and killed by the saint who received help from his teacher, Dohko of Libra, whom himself had fought one of Alberich's ancestors.

Alberich was released as a Myth cloth, and is present in my collection

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