woensdag 25 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: #3 Hagen of Merak, the Beta star Steed Sleipnir

We enter the top 3, and now the really cool guys for my part are making an appearance.

Hagen of Merak has always been one of my favorite saints, and hauling from my favorite series, the Asgard story arc.  He was also the very first of the Myth cloth line I ever bought, about 6 years ago now when Super Dragon Toys was stil in the Quellinstraat in Antwerp.  God do I miss that outlet (okay, my account a tat less lol).

Hagen is a warrior of great repute and noble birth, and together with Syd of Myzar and Siegried of Danube is seen as one of the three mightiest warriors in Asgard.  He always seemed to have a soft spot for Hilda's younger sister Freya, and out of love and out of loyalty alwasys has seen himself as her protector.

However, when news reached him that Freya had fled the Asgard palace with the Cygnus saint Hyoga, he flew in a rage and followed them, sworn to bring Freya back.  Hagen not only controlled the elements of ice and cold like Hyoga, but during their fight he lured the Cygnus saint into the lava cave where his robe had appeared.  Here it turned out that he also controlled the powers of the lava, and nearly defeated Hyoga.  However, before he could finish the saint off, Freya interfered.

When he noted though that Freya picked sides for the saint, Hagen launched his most powerful attacks out of pure jealousy, and struck the woman he loved.  Hyoga, furious over this cowardly attitude, in turn launched the ultimate attack of the ice saints, and one he had learned from his master Camus: the Aurora Execution, blasting Hagen away and mortally wounding the God Warrior.  Freya, waking up and realizonfg what happened, cried over her fallen friend, but understood it was his own undoing.

Hagen's robe represents the Steed Sleipnir, a mythological eight legged horse and steed of the father of the gods, Odin.  It was said to have been able to travel the fastest of all nine worlds and could go anywhere, including hell and back.

This is why Hagen could control the cold (as a Norse god's steed) and fire (hell).

Hagen was released as a Myth cloth, and like I said earlier, the first of this scale of models I ever bought.  I still have him in a predominant place to this day in my cabinets.  Come april 2014, he will also become part of my collection of tattoos, as he is part 2 of 4 of the full Saint Seiya sleeve I'm "building"...

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