vrijdag 27 september 2013

LEGO store Antwerp

It finally happened, an official LEGO store has opened it`s doors in Belgium, and it`s only a few kilometres away from my door.  So of course I went on a pilgrimage yesterday morning at it`s official opening.


Located in the new wing of the Wijnegem Shopping Center (store 526, ground floor, Section 8) it has the look of the other store I visited last february in London.

Inside there was a heap of people.  Even though it was the first day the new wing had opened, barely 50 people in all walked around between the shops.  It seemed like double that amount was in the LEGO store alone though at 10.15, barely after opening of the shopping mall.

Everywhere you looked that morning, you saw the infamous `yellow bags with the red brick`, right down to the bus I took back home around 12.15.

I was also lucky in still getting this months promo item, the mini Creator VW Camper Van (76pcs), and all people got a free to assemble minifig, I went for a bathing suit Ginny Weasley look alike with broom (well, because the Smurf never wanted to give me his sexy redhead, I had to have one of my own).

Further purchases where all for the lil` un, taking home the Dragon tower set from the Castle range, the new Star Wars advent calendar and 8 bags of Series 11 Minifigs.

And the big guy of LEGO Northern Europe, a brit called Dean apparently, was there as well to watch the newest gem in their family (not that I know him, but I heard him make introductions when I took the picture to someone).

The store also has of course the Pick A Brick wall, which should be handy to finally complete most of my old sets, and some projects long overdue to build...

Another benefit now is that it has my 2 `wet dream` LEGO sets in the store, and the store now also means an easy access to web exclusives.

Them being still that large scale R2-D2 and the Tower of Orthanc set.

And now I don`t have any excuses anymore to save up and get Bilbo`s House easily, this store means trouble for the local toy stores I tended to buy my LEGO, as the prices are the same, but now I can get VIP points AND not have to pay for shipping anymore.

I`m one Happy Bricker!!!!!

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  1. Next time I'm in Wijnegem, I will visit this shop to! Thanks for sharing!