maandag 23 september 2013

The Saint Countdown: #5 Gemini Saga

The weekend has flown by, we're back at the schoolbenches, and now we're ready for the second series of 5, counting down to the Saint I think has been the coolest so far in the whole series.

On the 5th spot, we finally got our first Gold Saint, and not one of the least either.  Saga of Gemini, one of the mightiest amongst the Gold Saints of Athena, but also suffering from a split personality.

Saga managed to put himself in command of Sanctuary in a treacherous way, having assassinated the previous Pope, Shion, and taking his place.  He tried to kill Athena when she was still an infant, but Sagittarius Ailios intervened, resulting in the latters demise at the hand of Capricorn Shura.

Saga had decided that the best way for peace to be kept on Earth, he himself has to replace Athena as protector of the world.  Misguided, he sends various Saints after the bronze antagonists, but as Athena reveals herself during these fights, the battle is taken to Sanctuary instead.

During the battle of the Twelve Palaces, Saga controlled his cloth from a distance, but in the end Seiya managed to reach the Pope's Palace.  He managed to save Athena from peril, and she then mounted the steps in the company of the other bronze saints, and the remaining Gold saints, to confront Saga.  He attacked the godess, but threw himself on her staff in the end as his good side took over, and Athena granted him merci while he died.

He returned during the Hades arc, as one of the Spectres intend to kill Athena.  However, this all turned out to be an elaborate ruse, as it actually was a way by the still loyal in death Gold Saints to show the way to Hades to Athena, and awaken her God Cloth.  Shaka of Virgo was the first to see through this ruse, and alerted the godess, who in turn then counted on Seiya and his companions to take the cloth and bring it to the Underworld in order that she could battle Hades himself.

Saga has been released in the normal Myth line as a dual set together with the Pope and his throne, and adorns my cabinets...

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