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The Saint Countdown: #6 Lionet Soma

Well, I promised you a rant of how I dilsiked a series, and here it is.  Saint Seiya Omega, the 'current generations' series.

Or better, the first of the two seasons to be precise.  There you have a new generation of Saints, set about 25 years after the original series, and we start with meeting a new Pegasus, being Koga, and the villain, Mars.

But then it all goes down the drain, as the cloths no longer have an object mode, but are stored in cloth crystals.  During the series, we learn that this was due to the fact that some 'Darkness Cosmo' crashed into the Earth, and cloths changed in nature.  They didn't look like armour anymore, but had 'textile' parts.  LUCKILIY the creators realised their errors and the hard criticism on that, and now slowly these cloths are changing, evolving, back to what Shaina calls their 'true nature', being an object mode.  Sure, they aren't as smooth as the originals, and still have a lot of oversized crystals on them, but it is an improvement none the less.

A second thing was that their powers where based on elements, and that decided who they where good against and whom not.  By the time we reached the Sanctuary though, this as well has dwindled to the background, you only see the sort of attack being based on one of those elements, but it doesn't make to much a bugger now anymore.

Series 2 is a serious improvement for all die hards over Series 1, but the longing for finishing the Lost Canvas remains smoldering in the fanbase.

Like I said, I didn't like those new style 'not full armour' cloths, bar one.  The new Lionet saint, Soma.  A confident, out to avenge his father Saint, he controls the element of Fire, and his 'generation 1' cloth did look quite nice though (compared to a lot of others).  Combined with a fiery character, this made him in my eyes a bit the Jabu of Omega.

Becoming a Saint to avenge and clear the name of his father, the Silver Saint of the Southern Cross, who was killed by Sonia.  He later learned his father didn't actually fight the young girl, but as he turned his back he was struck down, clearing his name of a weakling.  Soma kind of took a liking to Sonia, and when she became the Gold saint of Scorpio (which brings up another short rant, how come suddenly all Gold cloths accept anyone as their wearer, while they used to leave inherint evil persons like they did with Deathmask.  Harbinger is a thug, Schiller a psychopath, Amor controls the darkness...) he fought her on a personal basis.

In the end, she unleashed an attack that strong she mortally wounded herself and destroyed most of the House of Scorpio, but Soma survived and Sonia died in his arms.

Soma was trained further right before the Sanctuary arc by... Jabu, the old bronze Saint of Unicorn (and the Heavens Ouverture booboo clearly wiped out by the creators), which resulted in the knowledge about the Lionet Bomber attack, bit of an attack looking like the rush on a rugbypitch, engulfed in flames.

I actually liked this Saint of the first series, and he was the first character I immediatly played and then finished the PSP game Burning Cosmo with.  There has not been released a Myth cloth of this series, as there is no object mode, biut when the current one comes out from Season 2, he is a sure get for me.  Another model, a PVC figurine, HAS been released though by Banpresto, another sub-company of BanDai, but it is not yet in my collection.  Actually, as we speak, it is in transit from Japan to this little man-cave.

That takes us past the first half of the countdown already, and it will be continued over the weekend.

This means that so far we have had:

10 - Alberich of Megrez, the Amethyst Goblin - Asgard Arc
9. - Sea Horse Baian - Poseidon Arc
8. - Sho of Toucan - original series Silver saint Arc
7. - Scylla Io - Poseidon Arc
6. - Lionet Soma - Saint Seiya Omega

That is only 1 character of my beloved Asgard arc, and 3 of series I like less (Poseidon, Omega season 1)... but no Gold Saints, no Spectres, no Hyoga... and only 5 places left.  Anyone care to take a guess on who will be in the remaining spots?

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