zaterdag 28 september 2013

The Playstation Challenge: Part 9 of 12

Okay, let's do this.  On the contrary to what I mentioned yesterday in my Platinum post, I'm going to do this today already... I just got to much to do the comming days and now I have the gap (and available brain capacity) to do the mathematics.  Okay, so that might mean Andy wins this month as I had a small marathon the past two days (modest, but good for a few points, for about 8% in the level advancement, about 650 points roughly), though I'm not sure it would have been enough to snatch the monthly victory, and if it did, it would be for a 'status quo result' at best...

But I do not despair, Andy hasn't really got that much of a lead this month and the points tally is still highly manageable, so as I said earlier, I'm going to go for the whole nine yards the comming month, right until the end of the upcomming school vacation at the end of october.

After that, I'm wrapping the competition up at my end, going to focus on some none trophy supported PS2 games, and play some of those 'last forever for a bronze' japanese games like Gundam Unicorn.

But heck, has this competition been fun already, and it is a great motivator to get some games at least finished for the storyline part, whom have been lying around, just, well, lying around.

Deciding the winner:

Less then a gap of 8400 is a victory for me, more then 9000 points gap is a victory for Andy, and in between those two extremes it becomes a draw

The oversight of gained spoils, updated after every monthly update post.

Last update: 25st of September 2013


Points: 58.005 + 1770 points
Level: 17 - 25% + 23%

Platinum Trophies: 15 + 0
Gold Trophies: 152 + 7
Silver Trophies: 442 + 13
Bronze Trophies: 1891 + 50

Games played: 335 + 5
Games Beaten: 40 + 1


Points: 56.250 + 2310 points
Level: 17 - 3% + 29%, + 1 level

Platinum Trophies: 16 + 1
Gold Trophies: 148 + 10
Silver Trophies: 423 + 12
Bronze Trophies: 1824 + 58

Games played: 225 + 3
Games Beaten: 34 + 4

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is - 1750 (WIN TOMSCHE)

As you can see, Andy has outscored me on every line this month, but only managed to reduce the gap by 545 points, so that is a to small a margin for the chance he had during September.  He is still 10750 points down to be able to win this with 3 months of game time in the pipeline, meaning he'll have to outscore me by 3585 points every month.  A feat I only managed myself once during June, when I knoced down 8000 points to outscore by 4500, so this might be hard to achieve still.

To grab a draw and end the competition on a status quo after 12 months (as our prognoses where), he would need to make good 10150 points, or 3385 a month as the margins are getting close after 9 months of frantic trophy hunting.

I can't give any worldwide overviews, as PSNProfiles, to whom I've switched during the past months gradually to keep the scores is in maintenance, and YGC seems to have it's server imploded upon itself for months now, I fear that'll be a game over story...

So that is the battle and the advances both warring factions have made so far after a pregnancy of campaigning, and now we really enter the 'money time' zone as the final quarter of the year is beginning.

Will Andy be able to snatch away an almost certainly victory for my camp?  What will be for dinner?  Will I ever get the munchkin 'do me a favor' and finish that bloody Book of Spells for the platinum?  And how many hard copy games am I still going to be able to end?  Will that bloody Vita Batman ever get rounded out (I HATE that Justice League part by now)..., and how many hours will I be doing the maths the last day of 2013 to make the complete overview of the competition spread over 365 days...

So many questions, but all the puzzlepieces will hopefully fall together in the comming, epic, conclusion of... THE PLAYSTATION CHALLENGEEEEEE!!!!!

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