vrijdag 13 september 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: June of Chameleon

This years Tamashii exclusive is one of the sidefigures, Bronze saint June of the Chameleon.  Like all Tamashii models, she didn`t come cheap (around 80 euros) but I pre-ordered her as soon as she was available for PO way back in February over at Archonia.  

A lesson I`ve learned with these limited availibility models over the years is that once their release window has passed, they tend to go up in price at least by a factor 3 on most auctions and all, as they are produced in a very limited run.

Now, June herself was a very limited side figure in the original series, a fellow trainee of Andromeda Shun, she came to Japan right before the bronze saints left for Greece for the attack on the Sanctuary.  She came to warn her friend Shun that something sinister had taken over the Grand Pope (who turns out to be Saga of Gemini impersonating the real pope that he had killed, Shion of Aries).  And that is basically about it, bar a short fight with two other trainees from Shun's youth.  They leave her injured at the Kido Mansion, and we never hear from her again.

The model has the option to be build in two ways, the manga version as depicted on the box, or the slightly more elaborate version of the anime, that features `side armour` around her middle and spikes on the arm pieces.

Comming with the traditional diecast leg and arm pieces, the model never the less feels light and fragile, as is the case with most female saints though.

Take a look at me now...

Around 25 years ago, June was just an ordinary saint with a whip instead of chain equipped armour.  But if you take a look at the model now, in current days more openminded setting, this is one heck of a KINKY model.

Here you have a blonde girl, wearing a face mask.  She is collared and wears pins on her shoulders and hairband.  She has metal boob things like made popular by Madonna years ago, and she carries a bullwhip...

SOMEHOW, I think this model might give your mother a wrong impression if she is standing somewhere central on a desk or so...

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