dinsdag 3 september 2013

Saint Seiya Omega, Evangelion (Rebuild) and Macross Frontier: The False Diva card games

Lots of japanese cards have arrived today in the Man-cave for my personal collection as I got my hands on some nice lots.

First off, there is the newest Saint Seiya expansion of the Crusade system.  This time, it is set 3 of the Omega series, called `New Cloths Chapter` and deals with the Palasite arc currently being shown.  It also, quite cool, includes the `Triton Scales` for the Bronze saints, from the Omega Burning Cosmo game I also own and finished on the PSP a few months ago.
This intertwines the canon all a bit more, pretty neat

Furhtermore, I received the two `Trial deck` sets from the Weiss Schwarz (japanese) edition, namely the Rebuild of Evangelion one and the Macross Frontier movie one.

I know what I will be doing the comming days... joy joy joy

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  1. Yes, it's one of the sets of the Weiss Schwarz cardgame, but only available in the japanese edition, it hasn't made the english version (yet?)

    It consists of a Trial Deck (as on the pciture) and a 116 cards booster series