zondag 29 september 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 16

What a week, what a week, what a week.  I managed to finish my Saint Seiya countdown, to platinum no less then 2 different games, and went to the opening of the LEGO store.

Somewhere in between I managed to find a seller that has 3 of my still missing Saint Seiya cards, more of that when they arrive, but it involves Andy down the line, and the final months before the GP Antwerp are upon us.  The big Magic event, right in my backgarden...

... and I am not going.

Sometimes, life just forces you into other priorities, like in this case the only weekend the whole family could get mobilised in order to get to the amusement park in the Netherlands called 'De Efteling'.  Give it say two or three years ago, I would have gone out playing cards, but I just can't get it over my heart towards the munchkin... so exit GP Antwerp.  This results as well as not bothering to go out and play the GPT's and stuff, no use to stress over trying to get one or more byes when you cannot use them anyways in the end.

Which, like I stated last week, is also going to be for the GP calendar 2014, as the 'sure shots' in vincinity are at a bad moment in time.  Guess I won't be playing to much cards the comming months, oh well, that tends to happen in real life.

What Have I Been Playing?

Apart from said two platinums from the past two days, I also finished the storyline of Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince.  I'm not a fan of how the game looks, but it ain't the baddest of licensed games from mega movies either, I'd flunk it in the whole world of video games, but still might give it a 3 or so.  Not really a chance though that I'm going to put in the effort to platinum it for the Challenge.

A challenge where monthly victories is now 6 for me vs 3 for Andy, though if I had waited for the site to update like it finally did again past night, it would have been 7-2.  No stress, I'm still on my personal schedule that I drew up in january on the matter of finishing games, having calculated that if I could have the number of achieved platinums on 20 games in total after the whole year, I would have a mathematical certainty of 87.03% of taking along the win.  3 more to go then... with 3 months to go ;-)

What Have I Been Collecting?

New promo card added to the collection, wieeeeej... 'Inherited Cloth' from series 02 of Saint Seiya Omega.

From the celebration - which in Japan is like what we call a release event, but it just works differently, not with tournaments and such, but when you get in certain shops and just, well, buy the new series. Think of it as a Buy a Box promo, but as those promos are actually in the boxes and as such available as long as there are boxes, this is well, a buy a buy a box promo or so. 

OMG, Japanese can complicate some things sometimes really well...

What Have I Been Bricking?

Technically, nothing really.  But the munchkin loves playing with LEGO sets and the minifigures in particular, while I prefer to actually build the thingies from the box.  So we now achieved a synchronising rhytm, as he loses intrest about 1/3rd down the instructions of actually building the stuff, and I can silently take over and do the build effort.

Usually, as we set down to build some of his sets, I'm going to make sure there is a small set somewhere as well, that he can just manage to put together before he starts having the characters declare war on each other hehehe...

That is it for this week though, I got a lot 'in the pipeline' but my calendar and budget are slowly starting to focus and resolve around FACTS the 19th, and I must shift my attention to finishing off Andy as well in the challenge, so I guess those will be the main things for the upcomming months.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle the FACTS coverage this year (as I have to go out to dinner that evening for the father-in-law-to-be's birthday), so I'll probably will be doing a big post with impressions as a Sunday Episode Special.  I'll have to think about that...

And play some Streetfighter X Tekken, which was the Plus freebie this week on the VITA.  I suck at that game, but talking su****g, gaddamn!!!!  She can poison my mind anytime...

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