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Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 14

Hey all to what is actually a rather short episode this week, and looking more like an announcement bulletin board then as a report of weekly and geekly activities.

This has mainly to do with the fact that, well, I've been actively posting the past week, telling you already a lot of stuffsies like my newest Saint that was added to my collection and the whole 'building off' of some side hobbies, but never the less, I still have some material for this week.

A Divine Countdown

Based on the excellent countdowns done by Counterfett over at his blog 'All Things Fett', a blog I really enjoy following as it handles a lot of topics like anime, solo gaming, minifigures etc, I'm going to (try and) run my very own countdown.

Which are the 10 Saints I like the most?

This is going to be run over two 'midweeks', each time from monday to friday, and will start tomorrow.  Criteria include the character itself, the look of his cloth, his impact on my child(like) psyche etc...

All the pictures I need are stored, a draft list has been made up, I'm ready to start counting them down, and to add a little suspense to it all, I can already tell you that, contrary what everyone probably would believe, Cygnus Hyoga has NOT won the competition.

Geekfest 2014

Just a working title for a vague project, but having been in a thinktank for a few weeks and having had a chat with a fellow geek yesterday at a support dinner for the local MS (multiple sclerose) circle, I'm going to prepare a file stemming from experiences of helping out at some conventions like Crisis, events from my old job, etc and the good and bads you encounter in knocking together these things.

The rough idea is basically a sort of flea market with a not commercial background.  You try and get 30 to 50 people in a local small hall, chuck some tables, play some games and in the meantime trade off some old collectibles and such without asking exurbirant prices.

All still very vague and in the kiddy shoes, but it's still a long way to go...

Card Strategy

Another thing I got asked about the past week by 2 different persons, is how I exactly do it to get my 'obscure card collections' together or how to track down cards.  Somewhere down the road, probably even next saturday depending on my study schedule and all, I'll post an entry detailing this, with my own theories and all behind it (whom oddly enough seem to work, hence why those people probably asked), some schematics, that kind of things.

What Have I Been Gaming?

Really, really, really not much.  I scored a single trophy in Montezuma Blitz, and finished to 100% the PSN game Aabs Animals

Even though 'game' is not really the correct name.  This is an app for your Vita that projects a kitten on your screen that curls, purs, paws etc to the background the camera films.  After playing 315 seconds, it has pooped 315 points of trophies, being 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Effort 0...

It really is the moment for Andy to hhit me hard this month though, the most time I've spend playing is like 20 minutes a day, as I have so much to do now and so little time (as predicted by him in his overview forum posts here), which means I'll be on ultimate damage control modus until Saint Seiya hits the doorstep.  Whom I'll be playing like mad in the last 2 weeks of the year, when I have a holiday, and want to at least add that platinum to the tally...

I just have to hope that he can't make up a 10k difference in 3 months by then.  Time for now is on my side...

Well, that is it for this week, hopefully next week I can tell some more stuffs, but I did score an Aldebaran saint past night on ebay for about 20 euros less then regular... funny just after telling you all he was one I needed to search for at FACTS ;-)

Ciao Ciao

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