maandag 1 mei 2017

Dark Elves Doomfire Warlocks

The varnish has just dried after doing some painting yesterday afternoon, and my first effort at repainting cavalry models turned out okay.

Again, note the varnish was still a bit wet, hence the shiny look on the models, when I made the pictures.

This unit from the Grand Alliance Order, which is part of the Daughters of Khaine subdivision, wasn`t around when I stopped playing.  The box contains options for both the Warlocks, a buncho of blinded, unit sized wizards, or the classic Outriders scouts unit.  As I am restoring a small bunch of DoK, the first was ofcourse what I assembled.

I kept to the "traditional" paint scheme for the models, with light blue hair and gold and purple barding, so nothing to adventurous on them.  Perhaps the biggest change I made to the colour scheme shown on the box is that I did the eldritch runes on the horses hindlegs in jade green instead of the more regular blue shown there, to add some contrast with the hair.

The bases where done in the "lava landscape" style of my old Chaos Dwarfs, and something I`ll be holding on to for the Age of Sigmar / Oldhammer repainting I`m doing, because well, I just like it honestly.  Flock and Goblin Green bases will be for the historical regiments and figures...

Now onwards to the next unit on my painting bench here, which will be some historical civilians in order to try out and rediscover the "earth tone combinations" of browns and greens for clothing.

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