dinsdag 13 mei 2014

A lot of cards added to the collection

Another top day for my card collection, as three parcels fell into the mailbox today.

Vive la France, as they all came from there...

The smaller one was one containing 3 cards (one of the Super Deformed game and 2 of the Amada game) from my regular ebay source.

But the big parcels came through the Facebook group of french card collectors of Saint Seiya, I think I`m about the only non frenchmen in it, not sure, but it is a great way to get my collection completed.

From Anthony Pio I received the second trade I did with him, a whole bunch of the Amada game cards.

And from Said Salem I managed to obtain a lot of the Amada 2002 base set trading cards, as well as from the Movie Collection I.

I definitly hope to do more trades with both of them, it have been all positive experiences so far!

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