donderdag 15 mei 2014

I`m surrounded!!!

Well, `phase 1` of my brick sorting is nearing completion, I estimate it shall be done in about a week from now as I only need to process about 5 shoeboxes worth of bricks.

The plan for Phase One was to triage all colours together, and start filtering out small pieces like 1 by 1 rounds and such.  Now that I managed to get all the required storage boxes, I can soon proceed to phase 2.

That one, which will start at the earliest on the 1st of June (as a technician has to pass by for the yearly usage check up on the heating system, so those boxes need to be out of the way by then), will compromise of going back colour by colour, and filtering out other small pieces like 1x2 flats, cones, those sort of things, split colours in their `main` and `off` colours for the blues, tans, reds and browns, as well as splitting the greys in light and dark boxes.

The final phase will consist of sorting then through the boxes a third time, this time to take out all the pieces I don`t `use` normally in my `niche` of building projects, like car wheels, sci-fi windows and the likes.

That will then hopefully give me an easy to work with storage system for my MOCs, and not lose hours searching for certainn smaller pieces, not finding them, BrickLinking them and then of course bump into them minutes after completing the transaction...

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