zondag 18 mei 2014

Inspirational Lego: Lego tattoo`s

I have a brick on my arm now... but the project isn`t finished at all!

When strolling Google images on `Lego tattoos`, I came along a heap of sheer awesomeness, and I already feel sorry for my tattoo artist, because once the Saint`s halfsleeve is done...

... it`s going to be BRICKTIME!!!!

 This one is superduper cool

 I really like the surroundings and details on Lego Tony Stark

 Cool cool cool cool cool!!!!! 

Just as sexy as her `real life` counterpart

And me?  Well, I am still in doubt (but I still have over a year, so no rush) between either Benny (I love Benny, both from nostalgia and the movie coolness) or this guy, best minifig ever imho (and I even use that one on the electronic environment of the school).

1 opmerking:

  1. I love the Indiana Jones design. Super awesome!
    Good luck with yours...whichever you end up choosing :)