zaterdag 24 mei 2014

Some new Lego exclusives for my collection

It`s been a quiet week, sorting through my bricks (and now nearing the finish line), and not been busy that much in completing my collections (though a big one for cards is under way), but I did manage to find some nice little items for my Lego.

And I discovered Amazon in the process...

In the previous years, I used the site like once, to order the Perry McCarthy formula 1 book.  Now I discovered the medium in full (and learned that if you order seperatly from UK and US, you don`t have an oversight in one place like eBay, tat unhandy) and have shortlisted a lot of Lego books, including a therapeutic one which I pre-ordered working around ASS and Lego.

Yes, if it proves solid, I might start a mini-club for the munchkin around this

But the book I scored on the cheap (13 GBP incl shipping, all new and including the minifig Toy Soldier collectible) the complete Mini Figure Character Encyclopedia, detailing all the characters from Series 1 to 10.

Sorry munchkin, you can look in the book all you want, but it is in english...

The second addition was the Legolas promo bag.  It was for now one of the only small sets I lacked (okay, still need to get the Bilbo from the PS3 The Hobbit game) and it actually is pretty, but not as good as the Mirkwood Elf set imho.

I really should get Bag`s End, I swear, when I make my next pilgrimage to the Lego Store, I`m hauling home the little Hobbit`s house, before it cycles out and becomes hard to find in Belgium (like the Black Pearl and the munchkin`s Harry Potter sets...).

Now I`m off to do s quick treasure hunt over the flea market in the street next door, then off to the zoo for a family day.

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