vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Worst Kickstarter service ever: Relic Knights

On all these years blogging, I never degenerated to naming and shaming of persons and companies.  I have had my grievances, surely, but I always tended to relativate things.

But what I encountered today is stuff of legends... in a bad sense.

Almost two years ago, at the 8th of August, Cool Minis or Not (CMON) and Soda Pop Miniatures (SPM) launched a Kickstarter for the Relic Knights `tokyo pop culture style` game.  Naturally, I pledged for this for the 45 USD level (a hardback book, a limited edition miniature) and the thing would end in september, to be shipped at the latest May 2013.

116 (!!!!!!!) update mails later, and we are May 2014, and we *might* have the stuff being shipped out half of the month.  Okay, I understand Kickstarter, and yes I know the risks, but this isn`t the first one I used (or Indiegogo for that matter) and before this I never had bad experiences.  heck, even `small operations` like the digital restoration of Preaching to the Perverted by it`s original director Stuart Urban only took about a month afterwards to be delivered, nice glossy BluRay and all...

And that wasn`t a `big company`...

But that isn`t the point why I`m fuming.  In today`s update, I learned you could have a refund request.  But the information of that, was shared on... the private forum of Soda Pop Miniatures!!!!  And when I brought that up, some ****** though it no more then normal that I would be following that fanboy wise like a nice puppy.

What kind of rubbish is this????  They can send 116 blah blah updates, but the things that matter are only for people that follow their company forums????

I know there isn`t much I can do about it, as the 45 day Paypal refund guarantee is loooooooong gone (and for that matter, so are my wargame days) and I`ll be stuck with a product that intrests me jack shit anymore, but I do know for one that never EVER I will be willing to say a good word about a company that has basically been working with our money for two years. 

And that won`t be stopping me from taking it up with some consumer instances, and try to recuperate my money, as the legal `fair customer servicing` (usually, this is around 180 days btw) for internet purchases has long been breached.  But when that stuff EVER arrives, i`m tossing it directly on eBay, probably labelling it as `Collector`s item: Worst Kickstarter project ever`.

Let`s see where this goes then...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I had a similar experience with Cool Mini Or Not with the Studio McVey Kickstarter way back. Took 18 months to send me a single resin figure, and even then it took several angry emails to CMoN before anything happened. I decided then not to ever pledge for a CMoN Kickstarter again.

  2. Sorry to hear this and its these kind of things that stop me pledging to many projects a I cant afford to take the hit if it goes belly up! Hope you get it sorted