zaterdag 3 mei 2014

The Plan - Week 12

So much to do, so little time...

With exams the past week, a lot of studying and a busy personal schedule in trying to organise a very special birthday gift for teh GF next month, all this combined with spending the little free time I had on doing some Playstationing with the Munchkin and building Lego for the Avalonia challenge.  On the contrary to my preference, I ended up in the plague hunters camp.  

Not a problem per se, as my category A was designed flexible for both storylines as it was build before sides have been allocated, but category B has to change from a fortress to a relief center or such, so I`ve been tinkering a lot in LDD to see if I miss any particular parts.

But this all went to the expense of the WoW goals for the past week.  I did manage to get the Veteran Nanny and two mising pets (Speedy and Egbert), leaving me with Legs and Scooter for next year.

Now, with having been away from WoW a few years, the quests with the orphans have been changed, so I now went to visit not only the Level 70 Tauren Epic Chieftains, but also took a ride on the Azshara Rocket Ride and attended the burial of Cairne Blackhoof, all new things to see for my little Warlock.

I did manage to do my weekly Karazhan run on the hunt for Midnight, and got the Netherspace Abyssal pet, completing Raiding with Leashes II and obtaining Tito through this.  A nice wolf with a cute bow tie...

But for the rest, it has been VERY calm.  For the coming week, i don`t see much improved game time either, so I`ll just move my goal of getting Exalted with Dominace to this week, which should be do-able in an evenings time by running the storylines that have opened this morning, and grabbing the mount from there, and as a second objective do as much as I can daily basis wise for the Darkmoon Faire that arrives tonight, but I doubt I`ll get to the needed tokens to already buy the second mount there this week.

As I need to do some LEGO stuff first and foremost this week... both on the Vita and on the drawing board and building table, with a few projects running `parallel` with my Avalonia builds...

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