donderdag 22 mei 2014

The Lego Movie - PS Vita: the 26th Platinum

It has been almost 6 months since my last platinum, as my PS gametime dropped significantly after the cooldown period from the PS Challenge last year, but with the recent new wave of Lego games, I`ve been playing again on occassion.

Yes I like those little Lego games, and not only because they are Lego, but just their cheerful style and in game humour.

Now, this game is like the Marvel one, containing 15 levels all made up of 3 sub levels with 10 challenges each.

It does have however two significant changes: first and most enjoyable, the character wheel is back, so during free play you can rotate again between all your unlocked characters on your roster, making it not necessary like in Marvel to replay levels over and over again, each time with a different character.

The second change are a new sort of levels, `free falls`, in which a minifig is either falling down the level and you steer to the needed points, or drives / flies around in a vehicle (the Batmobile, Benny`s Spaceship, etc) and you have to shoot things for getting the challenges done.

Like Chima, it is not needed to actually complete the game to 100% to finish (though I ended up around 96%) as the trophy list includes the usual suspects like collect all minifigs, all minikits, all red bricks etc, but not one for all challenges like the Marvel game.  This means technically there are about 4 - 5 challenges per level that aren`t really needed to complete, even though you will be automatically doing most of them while hunting `those that matter`.  And yes, I`ve mostly been playing with Benny.  Not only for being Benny, but his special attack where he spins around firing his lasergun is also damn easy to clear mobs of enemies!

The graphics are good for a Vita game, even though the game differs a LOT from it`s bigger brother, and like the PS3 version is interlaced with cutscenes straight from the movie .


Playing very casually, bar perhaps the last two days when I started focussing on platting it and aiming for `just that one more challenge`, it took me 2 weeks and 5 days to complete, but I have been switching on the console between this one and The Hobbit, the next goal to add to the tally one of these weeks.

Now, I`m first going to spend a few days in Azeroth again to blow of steam...

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