woensdag 28 mei 2014

Saint Seiya Next Dimension tome 7 - review

Yesterday I received from Archonia the 7th volume of the Next Dimension - Le Mythe d`Hades french translated tome.

And of course, I devoured it almost on the spot.  I took the time to sit down, but that was basically it.

Next Dimension is the official follow up to Saint Seiya, taking place immediatly after the fight in Elysion with a wounded Seiya.  One by one, the saints are travelling back in time to help their comrade and his previous incarnation Tenma.

This era takes place at the same time of the excellent The Lost Canvas, which basically makes that one non-canonnical, but heck.  The series focusses on the Twelve Houses... but in this volume, a shocking revelation is made.

Even though the first part focusses mainly on Hyoga trying to convince Shiryu (who know has an adopted orphan son, Shoryu, making it hard to get Omega into the main canon as well know where he had a kid of his own called Ryohu) to join him back in time, something he only agrees to after facing the angel Toma (who, for a mighty angel, is swiftly defeated by Hyoga actually... by pointing a single finger he gets held up and the two saints enter the timewell).

Shiryu reappears at his master`s house, the Libra saint Dohko, and after some brawling acknowledges him as a true Libra student. 

Tenma`s master, Crateris Suikyo, now the Garuda spectre, is caught in the house of Virgo (with Virgo Shijima himself caught with baby Athena in the Pope`s palace), and saved by Athena`s cosmo from death, but sends a petal message to her stating just `13`... remember that revelation?

In the current time, Shaina has been plagued by headaches and strange attractions.  She ascends the houses to a part between Scorpion and Sagitarrius, followed by Marin.  Here she starts digging, and finds the ruins of another House of the Zodiac.  The Demonic House, there are legends of a true evil gold saint of the far past, the Ophiuchus GOLD saint (he hails from the debate that Ophiuchus is the semi official 13th Zodiac sign since a few years).

And Suikyo knows he is returning...

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