zaterdag 31 mei 2014

First image of new Minifigures Series 12 line

Over a week ago, I shared the list of the Minifigures series 12 line, and now over on Eurobricks I bumped into the first image taken in Japan.

This series is going to be having a lot of additions to my personal collection it seems...

Judging by what is known, this picture contains left to right

Space Miner - not intrested
Wizard - 1 of those
not sure, but I think the Dino Hunter judging by the syringe and `Hawkeye` bow - not intrested
Battle Godess - Lego Athena????  YES PLEASE!!!
Swashbuckler - not intrested
Video Game Guy - definitly one for one my desk

So far, intrest levels make 3 out of 6 for me, thought the munchkin is going to want a copy of each as usual, I am really thinking to just buy a full display when they come out...

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