woensdag 7 mei 2014

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins Book review

When I went to see the second instalment of The Hunger Games last year with my Nemesis, I can`t say I was impressed.  The first one for me was entertaining, but nowhere near the hype is was generating, and the second one just felt like more of the same.

"Read the books", Nemesis had said, but I wondered when on a blue moon I should do that, as I still had a lot of material to read through first.  But when World of Books had the second volume for only 2 pounds on their daily promotions, I bit the bullet and grabbed a copy.

Now, to say it in the words most men will understand, this book is the hardcore porn version while the movies are the edited softcore television after midnight edition.

And I honestly can`t say why Jeniffer Lawrence has been elected most sexy woman this year.  When another nominee was a redheaded, leather clad Scarlett Johansson.

Roight, wiping of the drool and back to the book then.  It is really well written and reads like a high speed train, the 420 something pages went by in less then a week (I am a person usually only reading on the bus or watching water starting to boil to cook).

It is also far more detailed then the movies, though I must say the movies keep following the books rather well in events and sequences, but in the movie Katniss never became deaf in one ear, let alone Peeta gaining an artificial leg after his wound from part 1.  In the movies they received an ointment miracle, in the books the leg has to be amputated.  See the difference in harsh style?

Another `problem` this tends to cause is the fact of details changing.  Plutarach Heavensbee never `abandoned` President Snow like in the movie, we don`t know if Chaff died in the arena, and more or those small scale events that don`t really have an impact it seems on the general style and pace of the story, but one of the reasons that `the book is better then the movie` is a so often heard phrase.

So yeah, I`m on the look out now to cheaply pick up the other parts somewhere without a hurry, but indeed, if you can grab a copy and enjoy it!

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  1. Agree with you about Lawrence versus Johansson. No competition!