vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Sagitarrius Headpiece

Facebook is a wonderful tool, believe me, to get your geeky fixes.

In one of my previous posts, I showed off a lot of cards I got through the french Saint Seiya card collectors group (and a lot will be coming my way soon again), but within Belgium there is the GeekMarket group.

This group focusses on trading geeky items between each other, and a few weeks ago, one of them showed this beauty, asking a starting price of 20 euros, and 4 euros shipping.

I don`t think (well, am quite certain) he knew what he was selling, this is the limited edition headpiece that came with the first PS3 Saint Seiya game (you had either a golden v1 Pegasus Mythcloth, this set, or the one I already have, the Pandora boxed set).  But as I said, this scale 1:1 headpiece was lacking from the collection.

Being the nice guy I am, I did tell him.  After he had already sent the package.  And forgot to note how much they tend to go over the Bay as it is a true collectors item, limited to 5000 pieces (I got 2019).

And so Aiolios helmet now has taken it`s rightfull spot in my collection room that has been reserved for it from the day it came out, but I just couldn`t force myself to spend nearly a 100 euros one with a very high shipping cost and chance of import taxes...

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