zondag 18 mei 2014

The Plan - Week 14

For all those wanting to indulge themselves further in my adventures in WoW (and some occasionally other MMO`s), this week will be a disappointment...

... as I haven`t logged in even a single minute in a game this week.

Between sorting out the mountain of cards, shifting through Lego bricks, doing a lot of paperwork and went out to play a Magic draft on the geeky department, combined with all the RL things you just have to do, I didn`t get round to it at all.

That`s yet another Dark Moon Top hat blown :-p

I guess my only game time this week has been a single session of Lego the Movie on the Vita during the daily soap opera the GF and the Munchkin follow, but that is it.  Nothing for the rest, zip, nilch, nadda.

So to compensate, here are some cool cosplay Babes to make up your sunday.

But what for the coming week?

I don`t know, I`m going to see to get at least my weekly main Kara run in, but for the rest it`ll depend all a bit on how much I can get done of the other things that, well, I need to be doing.  Like finishing off my Type 2 deck to bring some `pure` reddish aggro love back to the watering hole, finish off my `phase one` of brick sorting and try and make a push to score my first platinum of the year with the Vita Lego game.

Talking Lego, end of june their Open Beta starts for Minifigures Online, an MMO in a Lego world with the characters from the collectible `Series`.  Even though we can guess the target audience, it actually looks pretty awesome with great graphics, and it has the classic DPS / Tank / Healer roles like a regular RPG.

I`ve (of course) registred for it, and I`ll make sure to report on it if I get to play the game, you can sign up for it on the Lego page, accessible through their main site or this page.  And yes, it is going to be free.

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