zaterdag 10 mei 2014

New stuffsies for meeeeeeee

Wel, it has been a nice week for me.  

Fresh cards, new Lego and a discovery of a `classic` toy store, it has been an adventurous week for a geek / tresure hunter / collector (nope, that isn`t a scratch what doesn`t fit statement hehe)

First of all, I managed to obtain a few missing Saint Seiya cards from a french fellow card lover.  Though I lack a decent checklist for the Amada ccg from around 2002, by `process and elimination` I`m slowly getting an idea of the size of the whole series, while keeping up the search for missing cards in the meantime.

I only need to get to the local watering hole soon to grab more Ultrapro sheets (they where out of stock last week when I went to play the release), for both my own and the munchkin`s Harry Potter collection.  And an extra binder, which would be number 5 then, as they are getting full at the moment.

Another thing I bought, is this Lego set at the local toy store in Mortsel, `t Bazarke, is this awesome Kingdoms set.  I never quit had the funds to shelf down the 89 euros they asked forit, but now it was in promotion at 74 AND I had the adequate funds now, so exit the Formula 1 pitstop on the display shelf (it has moved to my building room) and enter this very pretty village life scene in place.  The GF at least thinks it way better looking.

Then past thursday I discovered a small scale model store / toystore in Deurne called Speelgoed 2000.  It doesn`t list Lego on it`s site, but they had a decent yet small selection still there.  they aren`t a brand retailer anymore it seems, but it had a lot of older sets at very good prices, some even knocked off 30%.  No Harry Potter though, but they had a lot still of Bionicle and Hero Factory, even Toy Story 3, Cars and Jack Stone boxes!

For myself, I picked up these two older Kingdoms sets (mainly for the parts especially the catapult, and the minifigs, and both together not costing me even 10 euros):

I also picked this one up, and I am in a sort of a dilemma here.  It went for the catalogue price of 20 euros, but online it goes for 35 on average.  I don`t know wether to keep it (I want the Pteranodon), or sell it off, and then grab just a loose dinobirdie for a few euros of Bricklink with the difference...

And I found and grabbed a freebie catalogue of 2012 there as well, lying somewhere lost between the shelves, I always find those old booklets an actual source of inspiration, and an easier way to locate parts I fancy for MoC`s and at least know WHERE to start looking for it on those immense number of pages on BL hehe.

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