zondag 4 mei 2014

What does the Fox say?

Here it is, my category A entry for the Book II of Guilds of Historica - The Avalonian Challenge.  I was swapped camps again, having ended up in the end by the side of my choice, the building of defences and gathering information on the Drow invading the kingdom of Avalonia.

As a proud Mitgardian, Hagen went to see a fabled oracle known as `the Fox`.  For this, he had to travel through the woods of Nalderic, fiefdom of the lord Simon who is mustering the forces for a rugged defence against the Drow, setting up defensive lines, camps, roadblocks and garrissons.  He does not share the vision of waiting for the enemy coming to his doorstep, and has decided on taking the fight to the enemy in an attempt to quarantaine the thread.

But where are they exactly?  How strong are their forces?

Arriving at the recluse, the Fox asked for the offer.  Hagen produced a decapitated head of a Drow from a bag, only be put alight by the oracle.

"The flames will let us see his memories" the oracle pronounced.  "To many are there, and you will need allies.  The Avalonian is mustering the Elven tribes, but there is another, oft forgotten one."

Hagen stared at the flames, not sure what the oracle was seeing.  All he saw where sparks as the flesh crisped pitch black.

"Search out the Sanguine Elves.  In days long gone, their once mighty kingdom, build upon the premises of the Forcia Arcanum was overrun by the Drow.  They are still out there however, a former shadow of themselves, but the Lord Simon will welcome all they can muster.  The Drow are many!"

"Take this map, it will guide you to one of their hold outs.  Convince them to join the cause, bring their powerful magics to the fight.  And see if you can gain their allegiance, for mighty they are as allies, but fearsome they would be if they oppose thee..."

With those words, Hagen sets out, a wrinkled map in hand, words that barely made sense, and the knowledge he has barely a few weeks to find a tribe of Elves that hasn`t shown their faces for centuries...

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