zaterdag 10 mei 2014

The Plan - Week 13

Another week gone by, and this time I`ve mostly been doing the Darkmoon Fair and the Dominion Offensive.

And for the Faire, I got the temporay mount, it doesn`t count in your total but she is fun to ride along with.  For the rest I`ve been collecting my dailies nicely... until thursday.  Then I started playing Lego: The Movie on my Vita and WoW shuffled a bit to the back for now.

The big `ping` gained this week was pushing the Dominion to Exalted status, and in one go grab the 55 reputations to exalted.  Five more to go then to get 60 of them and The Beloved title, something I might start to look into for completing in the future.

Talking about the future, I`m planning on going on to do all the low level quests still available to me with the Faction Change I got when restarting WoW in januari.  Not only should this help in getting some of them bumped up, it will help in getting pools fished as I pass through the areas, as well as smacking critters around as that goes smoother then just aimlessly and zapping them.  I`m currently around 17k of critters killed, and 2200 caught fish.

Now it won`t be for the immediate future I`ll be doing this, but when I do it I`ll be combining it with the pet collecting Safari achievements (bar that Owl, I didn`t know there where seasonal pets so I didn`t caught one, I`ll have to wait till october until that one reappears).

But getting the Dominion both to exalted AND completing a very intense and awesome storyline (if your horde, DO it, the Dalaran raid and fall off in Silvermoon is one of the best story experiences in WoW I think for the past years), I got two more mounts to my collection with the Grand Wyvern and the Armoured Grand Wyvern.

Next up for the coming week when I get to play?  Work further on the Sunreavers and as such the Black Prince reputations... unless I keep putting bricks together.

See you next week!

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