maandag 12 mei 2014

Schematic of planned tattoo`s

Well, I should do this sooner or later, and while waiting for the food to slowly cook, I spend the hour and a half of time thinking and sketching.

Now these aren`t the designs I want on them, but the pictures detail the locations of what I want where.

For the biggest project, and the first that will be completed, the Saint Seiya half sleeve I dubbed `Ice and Fire`, the next step will be to put the staffhead of Athena on the shoulderball and then give my tattoo meister free reign in how he does sleeve it in, but it will be with ice crystals (Hyoga) and roaring flames (Hagen).  Considering the staff head is a golden yellow, I think I`m going to have the rest done in a grey black shade.

The other arm, dubbed `project Lego`, will in the end be a full sleeve.  The brick I had placed last week will be joined by Benny on the inside, the Spaceship cry on the inside lower right and a Lego castle build on the right outside.

I`m then going to have it all sleeved in a sort of `brickwall` that has holes where the designs are, so it will basically become a building stone looking arm.

The final thing I`ll be finishing is the Enterprise leg at last.  On the inside of the right leg, I`m going to have the constellation cancer drawn, as it looks in the stars, with a shade of the Great Crab around it.  Then I`ll hand over artistic freedom again to Kryos to make a whole of it, knee down, with the Enterprise soaring through space and passing by the constellation.

In a `geste` to the GF and La Mama, I`m dropping the plans for the Gundam on the back, leaving my back open as with the left leg (bar ther little dragon I already have there).

Four designs, 1 sentence and 3 sleevings to go, and I`m all done (or so I keep telling myself)...

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