maandag 12 mei 2014

Coming Up: Lego Artic Explorers

One of the coming themes for the Lego City range is the new Artic Explorers.

Now, I don`t `do` City, so I won`t be buying those sets bar perhaps the smallest one, but there are quite a few intresting pieces I got my eye on, probably to grab through Brick Link.

Now, the entire theme consists of 5 sets, which will be available through regular retail channels.

60032 Artic Snowmobile

60033 Artic Ice Crawler

60034 Artic Helicrane

60035 Artic Outpost

60036 Artic Base Camp

Apart from those, there are also 2 `Retail limited` sets in the range, so I guess that`ll be Lego store or Online store only if you want those, being

60062 Artic Ice Breaker

60064 Artic Supply Plane

The final set of the theme is a small polybag, so probably one of the promos for the spend X on series X type.

30310 Microlight

But back to that what intests me.  Well, first of all, those Polar Bears and Huskies, but I ain`t buying the big sets just for the animals.  Other intresting pieces in the sets for my MoCs are the transparent ice boulder and the fur caps for the minifigs, so perhaps if I can get a deal left or right, I might grab a few of the 60032 (the smaller one, considering it is City it`ll probably go around 6 euros here, the RRP is 6.99 USD) as it also has the very intresting orange parts and chrome parts... making it probably cheaper to grab a few of those in retail compared to ordering all the seperate pieces + postage.  Bit like those beige, brown and green Mixels, a MoC dream and bargain sets at 5 euros a bag...

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  1. I wouldn't have been able to resist those! Love arctic stuff!