dinsdag 6 mei 2014

My newest tattoo: a Lego Brick

Yes, I know it`s been less then a month since my `latest` tattoo.  I`m a danger and an addict okay.

But this one, bar the obvious geeky reason, actually has a deeper meaning.  The GF even thought it a good idea (okay, so it might be she was joking and I accidentally interpreted that as being serious) as I had a very good newsshow last week in my private life, and now we can decently start BUILDING on a future together (got it, building, see what I did there...).

Now, my tattoo artist, who slowly curses my name every time he sees my head popping around the doorframe and going `erm, hi John, got a moment?` had his very first `What the Fuck!` moment when I tossed the brick on his counter.  My Saints are rather unique, but he did anime figures before.  But a Lego brick...

So normally, he has a 4 to 6 month waiting list (okay, I never have to wait that long, but I guess I`m like a regular), and now he just said `got time now?` so a few hours later, I was all bricked and ready to go home woop woop.

Now this is one piece of Lego the munchkin doesn`t have (insert evil laughter)...

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