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Gundam Unicorn episode 7 - OVA review

After the debacle that was AGE, and the enhoyable, but not really Gundam series as we know it Build Fighters, the 17th saw the long expected release of the finale of Gundam Unicorn.

As we return to the (final? as Reconguista in G is said to be set in the time following the UC timeline) time of Universal Century, we are thrown in right from the start at the action.

In a large battle, which started at the end of episode 6, we find the Nahel Agama in battle with the forces of Neo Zeon.  In the mean time, back on earth, it is revealed the Foundation wants the war to continue and plans on destroying Industria 7, the location of the mysterious Laplace Box.  To this end, the Gryps 2 Colony Laser has been restored in secrecy and is fully operational.

While the Unicorn is still battling the Banshee, the main battle is now also joined by the Dispossed of Lieutenant Angelo.  Marita Cruz, barely able to fight, and a patched up Kshtriya launch to relieve Banagher so he can punch a hole through the line to Industria 7.

Mineva in the meantime tries to telepathically change Ensign Riedy`s mind of fighting Banagher, but the whole psychic overload causes him to kill Marita, and as her pshychi echo says her final farewells, he realises he is actually a New Type himself, and goes after Banagher again.

However, the psychic backlash of the death of Marita has an unexpected effect.  The Unicorn awakens to it`s true potential at last, it`s red glow surplaced by an eerie blueish green effect.

Captain Bright and Londo Bell in the meantime arrive at Cheyenne base unexpectedly, after having made an atmospheric entrance to disguise their course, in order to find out what the Foundation is really up to.  While they are doing this, the Unicorn carrying Banagher and Mineva enter Industria 7, as Vist starts opening the seal, and revealing the truth behind the Laplace Box.

It is revealed there was originally a 15th article labelled `Future` on the Universal Century Charter, stating that if the existence of true New Types would come about, they would have to be treated as equals and be incorporated in the government.

Laplace`s Box is the truth behind the New Type curse of the past 100 years, but also a prayer for a better future.  So Zeon Daikun has always been right when he stated his New Type theorie 60 years ago, and the Federation had rewritten the charter for political motives.  So all the wars, all the horrors, all of them have been fought over an ideology that initially has been the truth after all, and spacenoids DID exist.  The Unicorn, a symbol (Amuro Ray!) was the key for true New Types to find out the truth, not a weapon to bring them out as the reigning species.

But then Full Frontal arrives to steal the box, in order to use it as a bargaining chip against the Federation, and tries to take it by force.

He fails in this though, and is followed by the Unicorn and the Banshee as the End battle starts, facing off a very big `deluxe` Szazabi.  During this battle, the "Miracle" happens again.  The same psychic event that happened at the end of the Axis event, and where Char and Amuro disappeared.  This event takes Full Frontal and Banagher Links to the start and the end of the times, but then the ghost of Lala Sung and... Char Aznable (we can now really accept his physical demise in Char`s Counterattack, as he ascended to a higher being) interfere and stop Full Frontal, taking his spiritual energy with them on a journey and leaving the world to the young.

The Foundation however wants the original charter destroyed and start arming Gryps 2, so the Unicorn and the Banshee decide to try and stop the beam with a psycho barrier.  During this, the Banshee at first doesn`t seem up to it, but then Riedy awakens to his New Type potential and the beam is stopped, after the Unicorn got covered in psycho crystals.

And then Princess Mineva makes the announcement that will shake humanity to the core...

During this speach, we see Angelo finding the body of his captain, Full Frontal, and realises he has ascended.  A fleet was on it`s way to Industria, but suddenly the Unicorn reawakens and Banagher shoots of in an energy wave of a `perfected New Type` to stop them, the Banshee in tow.  He returns to his normal self after his spirit at first had left his body, and returns to "Audrey"... and so the tale of the Unicorn ends... and I went to dry my teary eyes.

The series is a highlight in the franchise (okay, the main suit isn`t sheer awesome as the Freedom, but he is a great second) and the UC has always been the stronger storyline.

The animations where once again on a top level, it is an OVA after all, and a good thing for the series.  Now, the secret of the box might indeed lead straight to Reconguista in G I think, as said at the beginning, and it can perfectly tie in to Unicorn.

And the soundtrack, and I`ll repeat from all previous Unicorn episodes, is EPIC.  Grab this if you like anime, it is so worth the time to watch the series!!!

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