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Brick Mania Antwerpen 2015: the picture report

Another year, another Brick Mania in my backyard, and this time I went to expose solo with my display builds. 

And it was bigger than ever this time round, as a second hall had been opened for the fans off all sorts, giving the additional benefit of more space between rows and a less `humped up` feeling.

But never the less, as you can see here, it was mighty busy the whole weekend.

The early hours on saturday and the friday afternoon where spend helping out with the build up, though due to my smashed knees my contribution was rather limited in hanging up banners, decorations and shabangs like that, as that didn`t require heavy physical hauling.

The saturday evening included a lecture and show by Certified Professional Dirk Denoyelle

And then we where off, so let`s have a look at all the great builds present:

I loved this Jurassic Park gateway with the charging Tyrannosaurus.  Personally, this was for ME the most awesome MOC on display present

Dirk Denoyelle was present again with some more of his amazing head sculptures and this huge mosaic.

Display boxes

Evil Knievel does his latest stunt

The scottish highlanders

A really big castle, crowded by a LOT of knights and ready to stave off an invasion force.

An underwater display

The Guilds of Historica layout

Big Technic machines

Wall-E on his scenic base

Great Frozen sculpture

This I just loved, the small Fabuland set and it`s huge sculpted counterpart

A Napoleonic battle, including moving cannons and all

Time travel lay out

The Endor moon layout from my Hungarian friend (well, Meulebeke-ian actually, but that sounds the same)

Antwerp Central train station

A really amazing The Walking Dead layout

And many, many more pieces of eye-candy

The Loot

Okay, believe it or not, but I`ve personally spend 7 euro on only this ice bear for my Mitgardia army.

All the rest where either freebies, prizes or trades, so I`m rather proud of myself for not going shopping crazed.  That and it was so busy I barely had time for it anyways.

The first was the awesome event brick, as well as custom minifig torso that all participants received.

When lengthening my membership at BeLUG, I also received the new club brick, so the old one went to my `stack` at home.  This means my badge now looks like this:

During the auction I did do some bidding, getting for the smurf a soccerfield set, as well as the Thanksgiving set for myself and some polybags for a future trade around.

I also got this custom minifig for the kid, being the Messi fan he is, at the MijnBlokje stand:

The GF bought some more small things for him which I `sponsored`, small bits and pieces he will like.

A valentine`s set was also purchased, it`s cute to have a small heartshaped box to put something in.

Chu then traded for this Aragog set from Harry Potter with one of my used M-Tron sets I had with me for selling or trading.

The goodiebag this year contained the regular bits and pieces, as well as a City polybag

But the Thank You set was awesome for me personally.  All participants receive one of these, and it was just great to get one I still needed to go buy at the Lego store but hadn`t gotten round to.

I also snatched up some freebies from the BeLUG stand I missed, the printed version of the recent Club magazine and the Friends promo dvd which I didn`t have yet.

And while sponsoring the raffle with 5 tickets, I managed to get one more Lake Guard polybag to keep expanding a `not so small` force I`ll be showing off in the future with a MOC.

But perhaps the best deal I made at the end of the event, as I walked over to the trader across my table and asked him to make an offer on my remaining sets and parts.  Now, I knew I wouldn`t be hitting gold, but I managed to exchange it for a Harry Potter set I had been eyeing all weekend, as well as a sealed Orient set that I really wanted due to the elephant in it.

So it was a great event for the new stuff I collected together, the GF had a nice evening and some sets she wanted, and the kid will be very happy to boot.

Oh, and I will be adding another event to this years calendar to attend and expose, with Brick Mania Liege in three weeks, but that will be another picture report for then :-)

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