vrijdag 20 november 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6941 Blacktron Battrax

In today`s classic build we`re putting together one of the iconic ranges of Lego space, with the black and brooding Blacktron vehicles.

A medium range set back in the late 80s, it also comes with one of the menacing all black pilots, and the vehicle was from the generation of `modular` vessels.

We start the build by laying down the foundations of the chassis for the car, which can angle about 45 degrees in both directions for high manoeuvrability and playability.

This first part is where the cockpit, which doubles as a small airvessel, will be berthed.

The second part of the chassis, the hindside, is the one that holds all the tools and gears for the back then saboteurs of the Space lore.

It seems the vehicle is powered by a mighty V8 engine ;-) which is actually a rather cool touch if you ask me.

Both sides are then connected and powercoils are inserted between both sides of the chassis.

Putting on `the shoes`, the car raises to an impressive and intimidating level, considering the `good guys` in the 80s mainly had hover vehicles to move about.  This really made the Battrax stand out back then as the first Muscle car of the space range.

The next thing we are making is the detachable cockpit.

Sleek and elegant like an arrowhead, this is being held on the front of the car.

A wing assembly is then also made, which docks in the backside of the vehicle.

The car in it`s fully assembled glory;

And with it`s auxiliary vessels connected to form a jet fighter, so much 80s cartoon style playstuff going on here!

And that is exactly what I loved about those old late 80s Space sets, they could have walked right out of a saturday morning cartoon, including all the necessary commercials and such :-)

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