woensdag 4 november 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6833 M-Tron Beacon Tracer

M-Tron is one of the cooler subthemes from Space, appearing on the shelves halfway the 90s.  featuring sleek lines ships like the Particle Ionizer, and magnetic cargo boxes, these miners came to industrialise our brick ores.

However, this small set hasn`t got that much going for itself, being to small to include magnets and not really have that great of a looks either.

It does however have one of the then new miner figures in their striking livery.

The build itself is basically a red chassis with some wheels and a transparent canopy stuck onto it, to resemble a buggy like vehicle.

It has two hinge pieces, one for said canopy, and one for the steering controls.

The canopy is good looking though, with the printed M-Tron logo on it and the light greenish colour.

Add some wheels and some more trans parts then...

And the full set stands completed:

Is this a bad set? Not really, considering it did the job back then to get most `novelties` in a small set, like the transpart and the miner himself, lacking only the new magnet system.  It`s just that it isn`t spectacular to look at...

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