zaterdag 7 november 2015

The Frozen Beyond: a GoH contest

Over on Eurobricks, our Frozen Beyond collab is opening his gates to all the builders in the Guilds of Historica.

What started about a year ago as an invasion of strange beings from the north, called The Algus, has now culiminated into a fully fledged war, and to bring out the best in all the builders on the forum it will feature a lot of nice prices and prgress a lot of the warstories.

But the one thing that intrests me most personally, is to get the tag if you manage to enter all three categories before the 31st of january, so I`ll be doing some serious building the coming 2.5 months.

The benefit for this is that that will mean I`ll be having a lot of freed up bricks that won`t need any immediate sorting hehehe, full details can be found HERE.

And now, of to plan a castle, a monster and a weather phenomena...

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