zondag 22 november 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6684 Police Patrol Squad

In today`s classic build, I`m presenting the first of the sets I`ve checked and build from the lot I hauled this week, the Police Patrol Squad.

This set, hailing from 1984, was one of the first `consistent` lines for what now has become Lego CITY, with the ever recurring theme of Police.

Containing 69 parts, it also comes with two minifigures: an officer and a motor bike policeman.

The first part of the build is the motorcycle, while mostly appearing in white this was actually a grey version of the bike.

As lights and side panels are added, our motorbiker is ready to keep tabs on highway speed devils.

The second part of the build is the police command truck.  Based on a 2x10 plate as central axis, these are nowwhere as big and impressive as the current day trucks, but they do have their charms for sure.

A seat for the back room is installed as we put down the headlights and the steering wheel.

The back is build up while the windshield is placed at the front.  This includes an opening backside to allow play access to the behind section of the truck.

The wheels and the roof are then added and the truck is ready.

The full set completed:

In the coming weeks and days I`ll be showing more of these City sets as I continue to build them, before adding them to my exchange pile, so keep watching this little corner of the internet.

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