maandag 23 november 2015

Inspirational Lego #45

Another week, another selection to get you through your moday and hit you hopefully with brickvine inspiration.

And the first one this week is one I often look back at, I just love the whole concept ever since it showed up on Eurobricks

The Day That Magic Died is a typical work of fantasy, as wizards (of all the `classic` elements you find in most high fantasy novels) fight a losing battle against overwhelming numbers of soldiers.  In the meantime, a lady with an baby (the chosen one?) tries to make her escape.

The second build in this selection this week is the Friendly Giant, a huge and towering machine.

A great looking `neo-Space` reconnaissance vessel that was shown at the Bricks by the Bay convention this year.

This layout features about every Friends set there has been released.

Another spaceship, but this time it`s my all time favorite (I even have a tattoo of that vessel on my leg) with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A from the series of original `Kirk` movies.

If you want to keep fishes but don`t want to do all the maintenance on an aquarium, perhaps this is the ideal solution?

I admit, I have severe arachnaphobia.  But that doesn`t take away that this is a truly magnificent build.

Shiptember saw the rise of another selection of great looking spaceships, and the Callisto is truly magnificent in it`s sleek lines and flat finish.

The R2-D2 Builders Club is often present at events like FACTS, but now they also have one build in Lego at scale 1:1

A true classic work reworked in a gorgeous mosaic.

And that is another great selection from all over the web for this week, tune in again next time for more gorgeous pieces of eye candy!

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