zaterdag 21 november 2015

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

As the family sat down to introduce me to the sixth movie in the line, hailing from 2009, the movies now have overtaken the books again for me.

You see, I haven`t been using train and bus a lot lately, so I`m only halfway in the volume 6 book, so once the Slughorn christmas party came about I was back `in the dark`


In this movie, Harry comes in possession of a Potions book written by a certain Half-Blood Prince, learning him some unique spells.  While this is more pronounced in the book, the tome leads to the resolve of a long coming romance between Harry and Ginny.
In the meantime, the romance between Ron and Hermione kicks off as well, and while there are some mysterious things going on by poisoning and all and a Draco skulking in the dark corridors of Hogwarts, the first 3 quarters of the movie handles the pain and joy of love in youth.
Dumbledore takes Harry along on memory trips through the Pensieve, unravelling more about the past of Tom Riddle / Voldemort, and discover Slughorn has tampered with one of his own memories in shame as that was instrumental in Voldemort`s immortality.
When Dumbledore takes Harry along to retrieve one of these Horcrux parts, he is ambushed upon return Draco who has been ordered by the Dark Lord to kill Dumbledore, lest his own life would be forfeit as he is now a newly inducted Death Eater.  But it is Snape in the end who deals the fatal blow...


Better then the previous movie, and enjoyable by the Ron gimmicks going on, this is essentially a teenage love story with a murder at the end.  I did like watching it though, as it doesn`t bore during it`s 2.5 hrs run, though ofc the half of the movie that I did read lacks and changes a lot of source material (no Fleur for example).
Though I still prefer the second movie for the `who dunnit` way of the story buildup, or the fourth for the pure visual spectacle, this wasn`t bad either.

Now to dig back into that book :-)

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