zondag 29 november 2015

The Haul Report #5

Another week of hauling has gone by, and in this little report I`m showing the stuff I collected and gained for exchanging until past friday again.

It was a relatively calm week actually, with all in all barely 6 euro spend, so don`t expect some superduper rare items this week or so.

The first score was the second polybag that comes with the belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, and this time it`s the TIE Advanced Prototype polybag.  They are for sale in local stores for 5 euro, but with the coupon they only cost 3, so that`s some grey bricks for the stack afterwards :-)

The second thing I got for myself is another exchange through Miniaturetrading.com, as I could add another Gargoyle to my stack, putting their total number now on 7.  I really like the figure, not only for the wings, but it will be suited for a planned GoH build in the future.

A local trip to the Kringloop in Kapellen yielded some small items for my trade albums.  The first grab where two Harry Potter card games, coming in at a euro each.

While the second was a Sherlock Holmes `puzzle` game.  You have to read a booklet, which unfortunatly was missing, and then solve the riddle with the aid of a puzzle.  I`m going to search the net to see if I can find the booklet before trying to exchange this, but if not it still is a pretty puzzle all in itself coming with a beautiful box.  And it also knocked me back a single euro anyways.

So as you can see, nothing to fancy, but I can already promise you this will be changing the next week, as the pilgrimage to Wijnegem (twice!) is on the menu this week for Doctor Who and the likes!

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