dinsdag 3 november 2015

Classic Lego Build: 8962 Crystal King

In today`s classic build, I`m tackling a set from the Power Miners range from 2009. 

Now, I`m a bit on two minds for this range, on the one hand I`m not to wild about all those big driller vehicles they have, being a fantasy builder mostly, but on the other hand they have those excellent elemental figures, very suitable for fantasy builds...

The Crystal King, or `supreme major domo elemental`, however is one of those sets I really needed to have when I came out of my Dark Ages, and my padawan (aka mother) found it in a garage sale, in an opened box, for 10 euro a while ago.

The set comes with two miner minifigures, looking their old grizzly selves. 

One of them hauls a large drilling tool, which is also the first part of the build.  Now, it isn`t that handy actually, as the minifigure can`t support the weight of the tool that well, so you will need to add him to a base from for example the CMF line if you want to display him.

This tool is basically a combination of technic parts, connected to a backpack accesory to go over the minifigure`s neck.

But then we can move on to the big guy himself.  Like the recent hulkbuster, we start by laying the foundations of his bodywork, which will enable us to add the limbs and head to afterwards.

It is covered up using grey slopes to give it a nice and rough, though `rockganic` look.

These shiny rockpieces are great looking things, being partly coloured gray and they make up large `coverage` of the bodywork.

The next thing we do is assemble a pair of upper legs, who are then connected to the main body.

Solid, large underlegs and feet are then assembled, this allows the whole model to not only be posable, but also very, very stabile.

Again using the large semi-transparent pieces, we can then put together a pair of humongous arms.

Next up are fingers to allow the King to grapple the poor miners, while spiky bits add to his sinister look.

The final part is adding the neck piece, as well as the premolded head.  I really like this one, it has the big teeth for gnawing rocks and unsuspecting victims.

The King is then assembled, and can now be posed in dramatic stances.

The full set completed:

First of all, sorry for the picture quality, my camera had serious, mysterious lense issues whom disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared.

Secondly, I LOVE this model.  It just screams `moc something with me`, which is something I`ll definitly will be doing in the future, I have ideas along the lines of a cave full of elementals, besieging a band of traditional DnD style adventurers, but I can`t say when this will go from the idea to the actual building phase.  So much plans, so little time ;-)

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