zondag 8 november 2015

Platinum: Lego Dimensions

The latest platinum trophy of a Lego game to adorn my virtual trophy rack, is the Lego Dimensions game.

Now the funny thing is, you don`t need to do everything like in regular Lego games to get this.

You can platinum the game using only the three characters from the base set, though this will be hard to get the 30 minikits that way though, but apparently it IS possible.  Now, my main addition to the team where the Witch from Oz to blast silvers, and Legolas because he is faster in foot speed.

But this doesn`t mean I`m far from through with it, as there are still all the level packs, the various hub worlds, all those red and gold bricks etc etc etc... in other words, still hours and hours of game material in it.

But if you`re going for the high trophy, the Portal level under 25 minutes is a real pain, probably one of the hardest trophies in Lego games.

For me now, I`m off to Middle Earth again, to complete those last 5% or so of The Hobbit, so I can add that to the shelf as well before the year is up :-)

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