dinsdag 10 november 2015

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Family movie night as the kid doesn`t have school tomorrow due to being the Armistice holiday, and so we sat down for the fifth movie of the series.

And the first one I would be seeing AFTER I read the book.

Now, the book is the biggest in the series going to the count of 1000 pages, and it really shows in the movie, as it misses large chunks, and has a real `cramped together` feel.  The whole High Inquisitor and the Trelawney sacking happen within the first half hour, something that goes on in the book for over the halfway mark. 

Another great ommission in my feel is the betrayal by Kreacher, Sirius`s house elf, but also the fact there is very little happening with the actual Order of the Phoenix compared to the rather important role this secret brotherhood has in the book.

That they changed the revelation of the Dumbledore Army is okay, that`s one of those details one can expect in the `short story` the movie is after all, just as the change of setting for the Harry / Cho romance and break-up, or the Weasley twins exit, but on other parts I really thought the movie left out important details, like exactly where Hagrid`s giant half brother came from...

No, to be honest so far, this has been the weakest film for me in the franchise, I`m still mostly a fan of the second one, Chamber of Secrets, of what I`ve been watching so far, so I`m curious what the next one will bring when we have another movie night :-)
I just hope it won`t leave me with an unsatisfied taste in my mouth like this one did.

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