woensdag 11 november 2015

Project Merak: the Beacon

The second one for my personal Castle lay out, this one might have been pushing it a bit close.

I wanted it ready for Brick Mania this weekend, so two days ago I was pushing on the final light blue studs for the water, while yesterday i was making the pictures, only to be able to upload it today.

This is also the first one including an actual MOC I made before, namely my `Beacon of Merak` which I made past june for the Frozen Beyond collaboration over on Eurobricks Guilds of Historica.  I was happy back then with how the actual fire turned out, but I didn`t have time to build a surrounding base, something I finally managed now.

The idea was to have the beacon placed near the riverside of the Merak village, so that it could be widely visible if they would be lit and the North was under attack as happened in the collab storyline. I included the old castle ship to have activity on the water, while they had to make room for a casually passing by whale that sprouted up water.

The guard of the Beacon has been on duty here for a long time (since 1978 it seems ;-) )

In the meantime, shipspotters are enjoying the view and the heat of the fire.

So that is it, the second plate for my future Castle layout, and probably about the last MOC I`ll be buulding for 2015 (yeah right, as if...) as I really need to get back on my arse and focus on sorting out another huge pile of bricks first.

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