zondag 8 november 2015

The Haul Report #2

Welcome to the second instalment of the weekly overview of haulings I had this week, and I must say, Dimensions is really the one that weighs through this time.

Well, those and a certain limited edition train...

The first thing I got was the Dimensions Scooby-Doo pack.  Together with the Wicked Witch and Doctor Who this seems to be by far the most popular of the sets for the game, and at the beginning of the past week it even went to completely `sold out` on the Lego site here, so I rushed to the local toystores and managed to grab me one after all.

The next thing added to my collection where two trades through MiniatureTrading.com, where I exchanged some figures from series 14 that I don`t have `use` for (I don`t collect full series, I just try and grab those I like in multiples for future moc plans) for two more Gargoyle`s and two more Spectre`s.

I also got his great gift from Guy Himber, reknowned for his Steampunk Lego book, and owner of Crzy Bricks who amongst others produced the Mouse Guard custom parts I featured a while ago.  On his site`s store, he offers the 5 promo cards for the STUDS collection for a few dollars, and including the Studley card as well.  So I ordered the set, but also received it from him a second time, signed, and including his card from the set, number 31, signed as well!

A few BrickLink orders found it`s way to my door as well, not surprisingly consisting mostly of Green and Grey blocks...

Tuesday was a nice day as well.  First, I managed to lat off one of my for trade items with the PSOne Rayman game, and I saw on the GameMania site they had AT LAST a copy of Ninjago: Shadows of Ronin for the Vita.  This game has been for some reason really hard to find in Belgium, but now I found a copy at last to continue in my eternal quest of platinumming all Lego games.

But DHL rang my bell a few hours later, with two small parcels.  This was my Kickstarter for the Lego Sherlock Holmes books.  Even though they will be availbale for the general public as well, these books came at a serious discount and early release if you backed the project, and all 8 volumes are now in my possession.  These are the original Conan-Doyle stories, but with the artwork recreated in Lego builds now.  I`ll enjoy reading those, and when the kid gets Sherlock as required reading probably in English in a few years, we have copies of all the stories now :-)

Friday saw the DHL man returning with another two parcels... the first one was a box with the two holiday sets for the winter, and the Portal 2 level pack for Dimensions.  The second, which I had ordered about an hour later as I checked and saw the Doctor Who set already on it few minutes past midnight and didn`t want to risk not getting it soon in the local store, contained bar that one also the Simpsons level pack.
And both brought along another one of those Christmas Trains, guess I can start the Translaplandic Trainline or something by now...

So this was a pretty spectacular week in Lego-esque finds and hauls if you ask me :-)

Next week the report will be a day or two later, as it`s BrickMania the coming weekend and I will be doing the event report and all first, moving both the Haul Report and the Inspirational Lego `columns` to tuesday due to that...

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