maandag 30 november 2015

Inspirational Lego #46

Another monday is upon us, so it`s time to have a look at another 10 fantastic builds I came across on the internet.

And while I kicked off last week with a huge fantasy collab, this week I`m tackling another timeless classic: dinosaurs.

This fantastic Jurassic Park collab features a build for each one of the 4 movies, resulting in an awesome timeline with this summer`s blockbuster.

Not everything in Classic Space has to be actual spaceships, as is demonstrated by this huge AFV transport.  It feels a bit like the great design of the Aliens one, on steroids and in bricks.

The next one is a very gorgeous mosaic of the famous skunk Pepe le Pew.

In a true style of classic cars, comes this old timer from 1911.  I love the use of the gilded parts on this one.

For a Castle and fantasy lover like me, the yearly Colossal Castle Contest is a real eye candy festival.  This build depicts castle gardens and relay that serene feeling perfectly.

Iron Man might be the coolest guy in an iron suit at the moment, but these guys do wipe him off the board in cuteness factor.

A great use of transparent pieces give birth to this fantastic looking Phoenix.

One of the older franchises Lego had was Toy Story, and this is a fantastic recreation of the train scene in the movie.

Okay, this one I just included for the GF to see ;-)

Art with Lego is gorgeous, as you can see in this creation of a traffic light using what seems to be the new hype at the moment, monochrome figures.

And that is it again for this week.  Next week will be another regular episode, before doing the week after a Force Awakens special with all kinds of builds based on the trailers so far released for what is no doubt going to be the box office breaker of the year.

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