donderdag 5 november 2015

Saving Sebastian

Another small vignette I build today for the Tolkien verse, this one came about for two reasons.

The first was that I had a spare Radagast figure, as Sylvester McCoy had to cancel for FACTS unfortunatly, and I wanted to have it signed like I did with Gimli.

The second is the 2000 Vignettes over on MOCPages Fellowship of the Brick project.

The build itself is based on the scene in Mirkwood, where Radagast finds the hedgehog Sebastian infested with at first an unknown disease.  After trying various potions, and under the watchful eyes of his woodland friends, he realises it is the dark influence that is slowly stirring again in the forest, and he heals the little hedgehog by means of magic.

And he does this while something very evil is right outside the window...

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